About this service

The mission

IssueFirst aims to raise the bar for political discourse and enable change. IssueFirst takes a personal approach to this effort. We help individuals articulate and prioritize the issues most important to them.

Our guiding principal is to meet people where they are. It is very difficult to articulate one's political views let alone take action on them, but we need to work through these frictions to make forward progress as a society.

We help as a neutral party, asking tough questions to make people really dig deep to find confidence in the issues they choose to prioritize. We view the establishment of an individual's key political issues as the foundation for further discussion and making effective change.

User privacy

You can use the IssueFirst service completely anonymously. Any data we collect is either stored anonymously or stored with your consent and respects the data privacy laws where you reside.

We recognize not everyone is comfortable sharing their political views with just anyone. The guided self-reflection component of IssueFirst is a worthwhile exercise on its own. We don't want to deter people from using the service by asking too much of them.

Free to use

IssueFirst is completely free to use and has no monetary incentive. The features are built and maintained by volunteers and sponsors who want to keep the service free and accessible to as many people as possible.